Golf Screening

From set-up to follow-through, the golf swing is a complex sequence of coordinated movements that require both freedom of motion and stability. However a golfer’s own physical limitations can get in the way and possibly lead to injury.

At his Sports podiatry clinics, Paul has successfully worked with many Professionals, PGA students and weekend golfers to improve their game, help them recover from an injury, and prevent further injury.

When working with a player, Paul, who is a Titleist Performance Institute™ Certified Medical Professional and keen amatuer golfer, will utilise golf-specific evaluations to identify the individual golfer’s physical qualities and limitations. He will also assess lower limb mechanics in detail to evaluate whether or not they are having an effect on the golf swing.

Paul is also an expert at treating pain and injury of the foot and ankle caused by the demands of the game.

“For many years I have suffered from a severe ankle problem. Having previously sought private medical assistance when I was informed that I would need a triple fusion, I decided to bear the ongoing pain and suffering rather than undergo such drastic surgery. This I have done for many years. I was recently referred to Paul by my sports injury physiotherapist and whilst I did not hold any great expectation I must say that the improvement in my ankle condition has been beyond anything I could have expected. I would highly recommend Paul for his knowledge skill and expertise.”

Rob (ex professional ice hockey player and keen amateur golfer)

Titleist Performance Institute™ Golf Screening

Limitation of movement and lack of strength in core areas can lead to problems with the golf swing in all levels of golfer.

The amateur club golfer

Amateur players in particular do not realise that if the muscles that facilitate a good golf swing are not working properly then chances are the swing will not be a good one. This means money spent on lessons and the latest equipment could be wasted.

The teaching professional

Paul works with many teachers of golf to ensure that their students are in the best possible shape to execute the golf swing properly.

The playing professional

The top tour professionals have a team of strength and conditioning coaches, teachers and medical professionals working with them to get the best from their golf game. Part of the accepted assessment is one of core muscle screening. Paul works with playing professionals at all levels to help get the best out of their golf game

The TPI Screen consists of the following

Pelvic tilt
Torso rotation
Lower body rotation
Overhead deep squat
Toe touch
90-90 shoulder and 90-90 shoulder in golf stance
Single leg stance
Lat length
Upper quarter (without and with scapular stabilization)
Lower quarter
Glute bridge
Reach roll and lift
Leg lowering
Ankle inversion/eversion
Wrist (multiplanar)
Partial squat/ankle eversion
Cervical spine

Lower Limb Golf Injury Evaluation

If pain or injury is keeping you from playing golf at your best, Paul can help you get back on form and back on the course. Paul is well trained and experienced in helping players return to golf as soon as possible.

As well as evaluating core muscle groups Paul will assess gait and walking patterns as well as how the foot is interacting with the ground during the golf swing. Improvement in lower limb mechanics can both reduce the chances of injury, help with injury and also improve your golf game.

There are different options open to the golfer depending on their requirements

Individual packages

Lower limb athletic assessment. ½ hour session £75.

Titleist Performance Institute medical assessment. ½ hour session £75
TPI Approved screening of fitness, including muscle strength and flexibility within the whole body with accompanying written report.

Combination package

This combines both individual packages.

Full lower limb athletic assessment
Titleist Performance Insititute medical assessment .
TPI Approved screening of fitness, including muscle strength and flexibility within the whole body with accompanying written report. 1 hour session £100.