Yorkshire Sports Podiatry and Gait Clinic

Yorkshire sports podiatry clinics provide expertise in treating all age groups who are having acute or persistent injury or problems from the hip down.

The clinics are owned and run by Paul G Johnson whose main philosophy is to help the injured athlete to return to their chosen sport as soon as is practicable. We cover the whole of Yorkshire including Huddersfield, Sheffield, Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford and Barnsley. Paul specialises as a musculo skeletal podiatrist both privately and in the NHS (as an extended scope msk practitioner) and personally undertakes all consultations within the clinics.

Sports Podiatry

Sports podiatry is the specialist field of diagnosing & treating injury of the lower limb from the hip down.

Athletic Assessment

Our athletic functional assessment identifies any areas of musculoskeletal weakness and biomechanical problems of the lower limb.

Non athletic Assessment

At our sports podiatry clinics we don’t just treat athletes. Our expertise means we are best placed to treat non athletic issues too.

Children’s Assessment

Whether it’s growing pains or that your child is suffering from lower limb injury due to sport, we are here to help.

Video Gait Analysis

We use the latest video gait analysis techniques capturing images at 240 frames per second.

Dynamic Gait Analysis

Computerised dynamic assessment is carried out on every client, to identify subtle mechanical issues of the foot and ankle.

Golf Screening

Specialists of lower limb golfing biomechanics, how it affects the golf swing, causes injury and influences player performance.


All our custom orthotics are manufactured in-house, meaning that this invaluable treatment tool needn’t be prohibitively expensive.

Mobilisation / Manipulation

We utilise traditional physiotherapy methods to improve function and movement of the leg, foot and ankle.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Ensuring muscles are well conditioned is vital for reducing the chance of injury. We provide bespoke advice.

Injury Treatment

If you are suffering from and acute or chronic foot and ankle injury or problem a sports podiatrist is well placed to help.


Using the latest equipment to improve intrinsic muscle power, help with pain and speed up healing times.