Links and Associations Copy

Professional sports clubs

We work with professional athletes from across the UK from various sports in an effort to alleviate their lower limb injuries and to maximise their sports performance by improving biomechanics.

Paul is the official sports podiatrist for Burnley FC, Notts County Football club and Sheffield Eagles Rugby League.

He has also worked closely with players from Lancashire and England cricket clubs.

Local and national sports events and races

Many aspiring athletes taking part in national events come to see Paul. Whether you are taking part in your first park run or are an ironman triathlete we are here to help with your issues.

Armed forces

Paul is proud to see and treat many personnel from all three branches of the armed forces. He specialised in helping potential recruits with mechanical issues that could affect their chances of completing basic training

Outdoor Fitness Groups & Boot-camps

Paul sees many people at his clinic who take part in outdoor military & civilian fitness classes and boot-camps. Pauls passion and motivation  is to get these people back to their favourite classes at the earliest opportunity to maintain their fitness and to keep them on target with any goals that they may have set.

Public services

Paul has the pleasure of treating many clients from the public sector. The demanding role undertaken by our Police, Fire and healthcare services can mean that the individuals working within these fields experience lower limb injury and pain. We can and do help.

Health care providers

Paul works with other healthcare providers to provide a multi discpilinary approach to treatment.